Yükselir Construction keeps on rising. It determines every details from creating jobs to completing projects with its mission and vision values. It endeavors to provide high quality all the time by utilizing high technology in its perfect management units. The Yükselir Construction standards are based on the internationally accepted procedures. It acts in line with ‘Occupational Health and Safety System’ which is the most significant criterion of the construction sector. Projects are evaluated in accordance with business processes, implementation plan, procedures and specifications, which are monitored periodically, as well as tender conditions. During this process, top levels and the latest equipment are included into implementations.

Yükselir Construction attaches great importance to quality of employees working in offices, work-sites and all facilities with ‘Zero Accident’, and make successful investments by adopting the best working policies and above-standard working conditions and taking into account customer satisfaction for your project needs in the construction sector. Yükselir Construction, which was founded in 1996, has successfully completed a good number of major projects at home and abroad, incorporated its experience and knowledge it has gained during these years into new construction technologies, attached importance to innovation, and created successful partnerships with al lot of prestigious construction companies in the international arena by offering the best solutions for the works it has conducted. In a shrinking world, problems go beyond the country borders and affect other countries. “Environmentalist approach” stands for a global problem and its solution requires global responsibilities. The world is changing dramatically.

The dispensable components of the new world order are “Sustainability, Environment and Total Quality”, which are also absolute conditions for Yükselir Construction which adopts serving people and the nature as a principle. Prosperity and happiness of societies will be ensured as long as resources are protected and developed without destroying, future generations are taken into consideration, ecological balances and economic requirements are properly counterbalanced and thus healthy environment is provided. The indispensible and blessed creatures in the nature are human beings. Our first duty is to provide them with an environment required for their lives.