Founded in 2010 as the most popular corporate of YÜKSELİR GROUP OF COMPANIES, one of the leading groups in our country with its consolidated turnover of approximately a billion dollar and a strong financial structure, YSY ENERGY is active in ‘Electricity Generation’ and ‘Wholesale’ fields. YSY ENERGY was founded to make power plant investments with the aim of becoming a reliable energy provider by taking into account the ever increasing global demand for energy. YSY ENERGY targets to convert natural resources into sustainable energy by also incorporating renewable energy based-investments into its portfolio as concerns for the environment have increased.

Experts of YSY ENERGY have already evaluated feasibility studies of many projects in the scope of their intense activities that have been undertaken for more than two years in terms of projects which will make contributions to electrical energy generation of the country and they still continue to work at a fast pace in order to carry out economically feasible projects. Although it is a newly-founded company, YSY ENERGY has achieved to grow within a short period of time thanks to its commitment to corporate management principles and success of strengthening management mechanisms in the same direction. The Corporate Management Principles constitute the backbone of its ongoing structuring in the dynamic growth process of YSY ENERGY. In this regard, the Risk Management Rules known as Basel II are taken as a basis and a guide for the corporate management understanding. YSY ENERGY assures a sound portfolio management by performing its investment activities at high-quality standards with its experienced and expert teams.