Yükselir Aviation aims to eliminate the negative effect of scheduled flight dependence on time management, which is the most significant problem of business travels. With our planes, we enable you to act independently from the routes and flight schedules of major airlines and we eliminate the problem of finding a seat. Thanks to Yükselir Aviation, you can decide when and where you will fly and thus you can use your valuable time effectively. With its full-equipped flight crew and comfort it provides, our company eliminates the waste of time by providing flights when and where you want and thus meets your needs.

The reason why we are the first among the private airlines is that we attach importance to reliability, perfect service and flexibility, which are indispensable components of quality. During your business travel, you can prepare for your rendezvous with your team in a comfortable environment and have good time and relax in company with our professional service. We suggest you enjoy our ‘First Class’ service while traveling in a stress-free way.