About Us

Yükselir Group is a group company established in Turkey in the year of 2007. It’s been taking reliable steps on the way of becoming one of the most reputable groups in Turkey. Yükselir Group is active in nine different sectors, including Oil, Aviation, Energy, Logistics, Marina, Information Technologies, Construction and Livestock

Yükselir Group is active in more than 5 sectors, with over 20,000 employees in 15 countries. Those countries are; England, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Swiss, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Iraq, Singapore, Canada and USA.

Group Companies

Address: Ak Zambak Sokak Uphill Towers
Barabaros Mahallesi Ataşehir 34746
İstanbul Türkiye

Phone :+90 (216) 688 33 10 (pbx)
Fax :+90 (216) 688 33 12