YSY Logistics is one of the prominent freight companies. It is responsible of all processes including effective and efficient planning and implementing movements of all products and services, and information flow from the starting point to endpoint within the supply chain, as well as transporting storing and controlling them in order to meet the needs of our customers. Logistics is defined as business planning schedule of goods, services, information and capital which consists of complicated information, communication and control systems that have increasingly needed. In this regard, human resources, sustainability and follow-up are the most important factors and play significant role in delivering goods to end-user.

Yükselir Logistics focuses on the customer satisfaction and acts accordingly. It has proved itself in the fields of physical distribution, materials management, integrated logistics management, distribution management, logistics engineering, logistics management, marketing logistics and purchasing, and it acts with meticulous care in order to provide services successfully thanks to its storing, freight, stock system, information control, packaging and precise customs regulations.