We provide consultancy services in the fields of Establishing turn-key farms, Selecting suitable lands, Designing and implementing projects, Preparing the feasibility reports, Supplying the documents to be submitted to the application authorities and determining a roadmap, Preventing waste of time as a result of misinformation
Livestock Transporting

  • Determining the most suitable stock by taking into account the region where livestock breeding investment is made and and the weather conditions of the region.
  • Determining the schedule of livestock breeding
  • Providing the proper breeding system thanks to the lessons to be given regularly

Animal Imports
The consultancy and services provided with regard to animal import are as follows:

  • Points which should be taken into consideration and path which should be followed with regard to animal import which is already free are explained
  • Applications to the proper authorities are made and consulting service is provided for preparation of documents
  • The country from which animals will be imported is selected according to the investments to be made and the animal races to be bred.
  • Opportunity for selecting animals by going to the country from which animals will be imported is provided
  • Animals are imported by Yükselir Livestock and delivered to the door of the farm upon request.